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The St. Hugh’s Past Students’ Association (SHPSA), formerly called the “St. Hugh’s Old Girls' Association”, was formed in 1933 with eight members. Its first president was the School’s principal, Miss Hermione Wilhelmina Joels, and for several years afterwards, the School’s principal served as its president. The first past student to serve as president was Iris (Sorror) Jones in the early 1940s.

By 1938/39, the Association had 70 members. Its purpose was twofold: to foster a spirit of camaraderie and “togetherness” among past students and to help raise funds in support of the School. In an effort to achieve the first objective, the Association held its first annual reunion dinner on 28 January 1939 at the South Camp Road Hotel with Bishop Hardie as the guest of honour.

To achieve the second objective, a dance was held at Springfield on 15 April 1939. This dance was said to be a success and a second dance was planned for November of that same year. The Association’s second dinner was held on 27 January 1940, again at the South Camp Road Hotel, with the Colonial Secretary Mr Grantham as the guest of honour.

Since those early days, the Association has expanded its objectives to meet the needs of a larger membership and a much larger student body at the School. The objectives of the Association are: 

  1. To foster the interest of past students in the School and to promote a feeling of unity among its past and present girls.  
  2. To keep a permanent record of all past students with their present addresses and outstanding achievements.  
  3. To play its part in the community and help those less fortunate than themselves by displaying civic responsibility.  
  4. And generally, to promote the social, athletic and intellectual welfare of its members and the School in such manner as may from time to time appear expedient.  

Written by Charmaine McKenzie, Past Student, for the 100th Commemorative Magazine, June '99

In 2020 , due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Government of Jamaica imposed restrictions as it relates to public gatherings. As such, in keeping with the guidelines, the Association opted for a hybrid Annual General Meeting (AGM). Only Executive Committee members on duty, Awardees and persons participating on the programme were invited to attend in person. 

Pictured below are all the individuals who attended the AGM on Saturday October 3, 2020



Officers of the Executive Committee


  1. Susan Otuokon- President- '81
  2. Yvette Johnson-Vice President- '82
  3. Trisha Nelson- Secretary -'02
  4. Philipa Thompson- Assistant Secretary-'02
  5. Shereka Brown- Treasurer- '02
  6. Shola Collins- Assistant Treasurer- '09
  7. Terri-Ann Richards- Public Relations Officer - '96

Committee Members

  1. Vivienne Williams - 64
  2. Juliet Rothery Moodie - '75
  3. Stacey-Ann Steele- '05
  4. Zoe' Smith- '16
  5. Carrole Guntley- '66
  6. Ava Weatherly- '67
  7. Tiffany Butterfield- '01
  8. Natasha Vassell - '05
  9. Judith Dallas- '77 
  10. Rowena Christene King



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